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About Us

Bharti Bhawan (Regd.) was established in the year 1933 in Lahore (Undivided India) and is one of the oldest publication houses. It has published more than 1000 titles in Life, Physical and Social Sciences from primary to higher secondary level in different languages (Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu). Books in different subjects by M/s. Bharti Bhawan (Regd.) were approved by various States Educational Boards for middle (5th to 8th) classes.

In the year 1988 a new venture by the name and style of Kamla-Raj Enterprises was started by the house of Bharti Bhawan (Regd.). Kamla-Raj Enterprisesis one of the leading educational publishers of internationally reputed Journals and Books in the field of Environmental, Life and Social Sciences. To deliver this research to a wide audience, we work closely with our authors and subscribers and ensure that we provide publishing services that support their research needs.

Fromthe year 2017, the Administrative Editors of Bharti Bhawan Prakashanplan to add new titles in the form of guide and help books in Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry,Mathematics, Physics, and Social Sciences, as well other subjects for high and higher secondary classes (IX-X-XI-XII) in Hindi and English languages and to get revised already published titles (according to NCERT/CBSE syllabus).

The philosophy, vision andmain objective ofthe Administrative Editors of Bharti Bhawan Prakashan is to bring outbooks that are simple, precise, focused yet comprehensive and based on qualitative coverage of NCERT/CBSE syllabus, that would broaden the knowledge of the students and ensure excellent grades.Scholars and authors are welcome to write guide and refresher books according to Bharti Bhawan Prakashan’s vision.

These books demarcate the blurred lines between competitive examinations and CBSE/NCERT syllabi based examinations thus ensuring focused and targeted study for students eager to score well in school examinations.

Bharti Bhawan Prakashan is using technological advances to ensure that students can access the latest content in the most convenient format. With excellent background of experience in publishing educational journals and books, we are constantly evolving our publishing to increase the usage of our content.