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Physics XI


About the book Bharti’s Physics@Concepts and Daily Life

           I was not very matured person when first ever I had an encounter with physics in our daily life. It was way back 1982 when I was a student of class VI. I still remember the anecdote of that event when my then Science teacher, Shri Ram Dhani Yadav demonstrated working of an electric bell to my whole class. The bell kept ringing in my mind back home and next day. I performed the same experiment in physics lab alone asking the lab assistant not to tell it to Yadav Sir. As I bunked my S.ST class and moreover without teacher, visiting and performing laboratory experiments were not allowed in our School for class below X. Such was my curiosity to know unknowns and once new it to further explore it to a level where I very often used to get surrounded by many unanswered questions which further becomes my cause to attend all science classes specially physics classes with a high voltage intensity. The love for the subject got seeded there and in spite of my father not wanting me to choice teaching as my profession, I chose it and enjoyed it as a most fun – oriented process to actively engage me along with my students.                                                                 

The book physics @ concept and daily life is an outcome of my love affair with physics over a period of 22 year of my teaching – learning eventful life. I’ve tried to put forward most of the concepts of physics in simplified note – making format which are supported by examples from out daily life. I’ve also tried to give segmentation to the numerical domains to help students to do appropriate preparation of JEE examination but at the same time not confusing those who want to secure excellent marks in CBSE Board examination without bothering about JEE or other entrance examination. Every chapter has also been concluded with concept and formulae diaries to help students to summarize the topic during various examinations. In addition to above all, You-tube links have been provided which will help students to watch video’s of physics countering CBSE Udaan classes where I’ve been mentoring students from year 2014 onwards to clear various concepts and to develop their problem solving skills.

I sincerely salute all my teachers for teaching me physics and igniting curiosity in me to explore love and discover nature and its beauty. I also extend my sincere respect and regards to my parents who stood and a pillar of strength in my both smooth and rough times. I can’t conclude without extending my special thanks to my wife and lovely kids for chirping and cheering all my success and failures with the same loving rhythm and tone.

I hope my book will prove to be a milestone in the world of physics text- book loaded with concepts and applications appropriately at senior secondary and JEE levels. Kindly do write me at with all your inputs and suggestion so as to make it possible for me to incorporate them in my future addition.

“Happy and Fun- learning of physics”

Gunendra Kumar Mishra,  

M.Sc. (Physics) Banaras Hindu University Gold Medalist

Principal, Nutan Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School,

Dilshad Garden, Delhi 110 093

Mentor (Physics), Udaan Classes, CBSE